Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Social Media: Facebook and Twitter Aren’t Alone

If every Facebook user in the world was your friend, your news feed would be flooded with 700 status updates every second. Mind you, this doesn’t include updates on someone commenting on an update or liking it. On Twitter, if you follow every user in the world, you would be flooded with 600 tweets of all kinds per second.

By the way, the statistics are from data gathered in 2010. With seemingly no way for activity in social media to go anywhere but up, this year’s figures may as well be higher.

These are relatively impressive numbers. The shift of activity to social media networks is far too evident to say it’s a myth. It was only a matter of time before business activity also rode the bandwagon. As it turns out, however, Facebook and Twitter are only a speck in an even broader landscape known as social media itself.

So, when you hear the term “social media,” don’t expect it to pertain to Facebook and Twitter alone. Live streaming, MMO games, videos, and online publications— among others— are also part of this expanding social media family. Tapping into more social media categories increases your exposure, but managing all of them gets harder with each account made.

It’s the job of social media management to huddle these accounts as closely as possible. That way, businesses— the primary client for social media management— can monitor and maintain various channels.

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